Annual Report 2014

​During 2014, we could achieve a marked increase in trainings - currently, 16 departments of the University Hospital Zurich have implemented regular simulation trainings. During 37 half-day, and 42 full-day sessions, a total of 535 participants could be instructed in CRM (crisis resource management) based team trainings. In addition, 3 half-day trainings could be performed for an external team for the first time, and two departments established in-situ trainings.  For 2015, we have planned trainings for further 6 departments of the University Hospital Zürich.

During four simulation-instructor courses, 43 internal and 12 external educators could be trained, and we are developing a faculty developing program to be established during 2015, in order to provide continued education for our teaching staff.

In addition, the simulation centre was used for other educational events, such as the introduction of checklists by the department of pulmonology, brain-death seminars for intensive care physicians, simulation trainings for nursing students in intensive care, emergency care and anaesthesia, and for the simulation trainings employed during the interdisciplinary trauma courses.

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