About us

Simulation is our passion.

We aspire to use meticulously performed simulations in order to help our participants reflect upon their clinical work and improve their team-work in favour of patient-safety. Continued education of our team is important to us, as we want to provide optimal training embracing current knowledge in medical simulation and didactics.

We have been improving and developing since 2009. The Institute of Anaesthesiology at the University Hospital Zurich, directed by Prof. Dr. Donat R. Spahn, developed a simulation program for training resuscitation and critical incidents in anaesthesia with house staff. The research group OAT of the ETH Zurich, directed by Prof. Gudela  Grote, has been accompanying this process from the first days. PD Dr. Michaela Kolbe and Dr. med. Bastian Grande have intensified this cooperation, leading to various investigations, decorations and dissertations (Dr. Carl Schick and Dr. Mona Weiss).

Today’s simulation center as an autonomous department was founded in 2013, as the hospital administration decided to provide access to the trainings for all departments. Support by Dr. Francesca Giuliani from the department of Quality Management, and Drs. Martin Brüesch and Micha Dambach from the Institute of Anaesthesiology were crucial for this step. Next to the ETH Zurich, Swiss Aviation Training (SAT) could also be mobilised as external partners for the conception process.

Since this development, many clinics, departments and institutes have begun regular simulation trainings.

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