What is simulation training?

Simulation trainings help us to practice our approach to complex situations. We simulate defined medical situations, such as an intraoperative cardiogenic shock, complications during labour or the management of multiple trauma in the trauma bay. more information

What is «Debriefing»?

Debriefing is the structured discussion about a simulated scenario, and is crucial for the learning from scenarios. more information

What are crisis resource management (CRM) principles?

Crisis resource management (CRM) principles facilitate effective decision making and cooperation in individual and particularly team action during routine and crisis situations.
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What is «Speaking Up»?

Speaking up is the expression of concerns, inquiry in doubt and suggestion of ideas.
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How do I become a simulation instructor?

Contact us – we can invite you as an intern during simulation trainings for a day, and plan further steps together.

How much time should I invest into trainings as a simulation instructor?

That depends on the amount of trainings and co-instructors. Preparation for simulation training (whether it is planned for 1 day or 1 week) requires roughly 1-2 days for scenario design. In addition, your presence during trainings is required.

How much time should I allow for team training at the simulation center?

Allow at least 4 hours. The introduction to the aims of the training and the familiarisation with the equipment will require around an hour, followed by two scenarios with debriefings, each taking around on hour. In addition, the written evaluation of trainings and recreational time will take around another hour. more information

How many scenarios are trained?

During a half-day training (4 hours), 2 scenarios will be trained. During a full-day training (7-8 hours), 3-4 scenarios will be trained.

Can I use a skills trainer without supervision?

Most skills trainers require an introduction by a skilled supervisor. Please contact us for this introduction, after which you may book appointments at leisure.

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