Investigation into debriefings – the structured feedback of simulated scenarios – is a key focus of our research. In particular, we are interested in:

1. How debriefings are optimally structured?
To this means, we developed and validated a debriefing instrument: TeamGAINS, which combines various debriefing methods from aviation, health-care and systemic group therapy.

2. How effective debriefings are?
We are currently investigating communication during our debriefings under an SNF grant.

3. How to transfer debriefings from simulation into clinical routine?
After-action debriefings can help teams to briefly but effectively reflect upon, and identify and implement means for improvement after complex operations, incidents and emergency activities. To support these, we are currently developing a debriefing tool for everyday clinical use and comparing it to other established methods, identifying conditions which facilitate the efficient and easy use of these debriefings.

Debriefing projects

​Staff ​Grant ​Status
​Debriefings as Enabler for Learning in Ad-hoc Action Teams in Healthcare​Principle Investigator: PD Dr. Michaela Kolbe, Co-Investigator: Dr. Bastian Grande; Employee: Dr. Julia Seelandt.​SNF
[Grant Nr. 100014_152822]
​Combined technical and non-technical skills training for managing unanticipated difficult intubations​Principle Investigator: Prof Dr. Gudela Grote (ETH Zürich), Co-Investigator: Prof. Dr. Donat R. Spahn; Employees: Dr. Bastian Grande, Dr. Michaela Kolbe, Mona Weiss, Carl Schick.​SNF
[Grant Nr. 100014-138545]

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